Having a beautiful floor makes it attractive to visitors

Floor Stripping and Waxing

We know that your customers are valuable to your company and each visit should be pleasant, cleanliness is an important aspect. Having a beautiful floor makes it attractive to visitors. Floor Waxing is a safe value. The investment in the maintenance of your floors has a positive impact for your business. Most commercial floors are linoleum or vinyl if they are not well maintained they lose their shine and their brightness..

Floor Cleaning
First our technicians will use a dust mop on the floor and remove residue stuck to the floor with a scraper to prepare the surface before applying the wax.

Floor Stripping
Secondly we extend uniformly diluted stripper solution according to specifications of selected solutions with a wet mop cleaner on the floor and let extend 10 to 15 minutes. Then we scrub the floor with an electric scrubber equipped with a buffer to remove the old layer of wax. The corners of the floor will be cleaned using a rotating brush for unreachable places with an electric scrubber.

Solution Extraction
Using a wet-dry vacuum the neutralizing solution will be carefully picked up, if the floor still seems to have wax we should repeat the stripping steps. Once the surface is ready we will thoroughly rinse the floor with a damp mop with clean water before leaving the floor to dry.

Floor Waxing
Finally, the touch of the main event. The application of layers of wax is thoroughly coated on the entire surface of the floor. For the best finish we apply 3-5 coats of high quality wax. To keep your floors shiny, polishing the floor is recommended to do regularly.

Floor Maintenance
Whatever type of business you operate, Imperial Cleaning offers cleaning services that fits all types of environments such as building entrance halls, school cafeterias, hospitals, factories , laboratories, airports, government buildings and retail stores.